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Derma Roller hair Treatment

It is a skincare device that contains one end with a roller full of small, fine needles on its surface. It is used to induce hair growth by those with thinning hair.

Derma Roller Benefits for Hair

Micro-needling was first used for scar treatment in the 1990s. It then gained popularity as a potential alternative for androgenic alopecia and alopecia areata. We know that derma roller benefits include collagen production in the skin. As study shows, It can also induce stem cells in the hair follicles, improving hair growth. The many derma roller benefits for hair are as follows:

  • Absorption of Hair Products
    As the needle goes into the skin, it encourages products to be delivered to the dermal layer of the skin. Hence, people opt to use different hair loss products, Minoxidil, Topical steroids, or Platelet-rich plasma when micro needling.
  • Massages the Scalp
    Research shows that this allows for an increased blood flow to the scalp inducing hair growth and thickness. This is because micro needling triggers our body’s natural capacity of regeneration to rebuild collagen and elastin in the skin.
  • Oxygen Supply to the Roots
    Micro needling encourages micro-circulation that helps nourish the roots. This allows for thicker and stronger hair to grow.
  • Prevents Hair Thinning
    Micro needling prompts hair to grow during the anagen phase of hair growth. Collagen will thicken around the hair follicles, making the new hair stronger.
  • Delay Progression to Catagen Phase
    Micro needling helps resist hair shedding in the catagen phase.

Dermaroller for Hair

So how does a derma roller for hair growth work? Micro-needling is a process whereby the small needles make minor skin injuries in our scalp. This process of creating wounds in the skin activates our body’s regenerative mechanism to improve the health of your hair follicles and foster better hair growth