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Ayush guidelines on how to improve immunity

FRIDAY, 12 JUNE 2020

Hey it’s a corona season we all are worried about this as what will be next ? when our life will come to routine etc etc.but in midst of this we all are afraid of not falling prey to corona virus and the only shield to this is our immunity. A better and stronger immunity will not only protect us from covid 19 but also from other ailments too. Bonus of this stronger immunity would be a stronger and beautiful u!

Ayush government have issued a general guideline on how to make our immunity stronger in view of covid 19 but at times either people are not following it or overdoing certain things which is doing more harm then benefits. So today , here I m going to explain you in details about ayush guidelines and also tell you how to follow that practically that you reap maximum benefit out of it.

The whole ayush guideline is divided into 5 heading:

  • Food and drinks
  • Lifestyle modification
  • Exercise and physical activity
  • Ayurvedic medicines
  • Panchkarma (to do at home)

Food and drinks:

  • Ayush guideline: 1. Drink warm water through out the day

    Common mistakes: people are drinking too hot water throuhghout the day so it either increases pitta in pittaj prakruti people which makes them feel nauseatic .
    Also, at times it erodes the outer protective mucous membrane leading even to ulcer in mouth so instead of protecting it makes our throat more vulnerable to get infected with corona virus. So what one must do – we must be drinking luke warm water n not very hot water and also drinking warm water twice in a day ( early morning first thing and at night as last thing of the day) is more then enough specially if u tend to feel nauseatic with warm water to give u sufficient protection from covid 19.
  • Drink ayush kwath twice a day- ayush kwath is an ayurvedic herbal tea which is little hot in potency so one should not over exceed the limit as it may lead to acidity .
    • Tulasi leaves-4 parts
    • Dalchini (cinnamon)- 2 parts
    • Sunthi ( dry ginger powder) – 2 parts
    • Black pepper powder-1 parts

    Make dry coarse powder of all this ingredient (except tulasi- as if it is available fresh then better) . add half tsp. of this powder to boiled 150 ml of water and stir .
    Can be consumed it once or twice One can add jaggery/raisins/ honey to it as a sweetner and also to add more health benefits to it.
  • Drink lots of fluids like barley water , coriander seeds water, jeera water, kokam sherbet ,gulkand sabja drink, saunf water etc .
  • Vitamin c enrich foods – all citrus fruits like lemon ,orange , capsicum , papaya , guava , drumstick ( clinically proven immunity boosting components are present in it ).
  • Cows ghee is one of the best immunity boosting food

2. Lifestyle Modification

Lifestyle Modification : be regular and punctual in your eating time and sleeping time. Best time to sleep is between 10 pm to 2 pm. As this 4 hours sleep is very important for immunity as in this 4 hours liver is activated and it detoxifies our body so out of this 4 hours atleast try to get 2-3 hours of sleep so that each and every organ can be healed and restores its function to its peak. so sleep maximum by 11 or 12 pm specially to be followed by hectic schedule people. So irrespective of watever you eat or exercise if one does not get this 4 hours sleep one cannot build a stronger immunity as sleep forms a very crucial part for being healthy.

Also for eating try not to binge throughout the day keep fixed time for your meal. If possible try to have 2 major meals a day n rest of the day give some rest to your’ agni’ means digestive fire. And best time to eat the heaviest meal of the day is between 10am to 2 noon as pitta is at its optimum level to function so food will get digested properly and you wont build up toxins in your body which is the root cause of many disease.

3. Ayurvedic medicines:

  • Chywanprash – one need to eat daily one tbsp. of chywanprash approx. 20-30 gm. a day early morning empty stomach. One must preferably not consume anything after chywanprash for atleast 30 min.
    For diabetes – one can have jaggery based chywanprash
  • One can have clove powder with honey
  • Kofol chewable tablet ( charak company ) can be suckled 1 tab. 4 to 6 times a day for relieving congestion in throat.
  • special sitopaladi churna ( 5 gms ) can be taken with honey. ( ideally medicines need to be taken under ayurvedic doctors supervision only )

4) Exercise

Exercise – daily some kind of pranayama like anuloma viloma , omkar etc ,asana or any physical activity for atleast half an hour a day to keep your hormones balanced.

5. Panchkarma

Panchkarma – ideally panchkarma procedures need to be done in panchkarma centres under experienced doctor for detoxing one self. But here I am mentioning modified version of those panchkarmas which can be done at home.

  • Nasyam – pratimarsha nasyam - take 2 drops of til oil /coconut oil , ghee in ur palms and with your little finger apply inside your nostrils. If this is not possible then you can put 1 -2 dro p of oil in each nostril in tilted head position.
    For better results one can use anutail, shadbindu oil.
  • Gandush (oil pulling/ oil swishing)- take 2 tbsp. oil preferably cold pressed coconut oil / til oil / olive oil in your mouth and swirl it in your mouth for approx.5- 20 min. one can add pinch of salt to it. If you have any oral issues then you can use irimedadi oil for oil pulling. It helps to cure respiratory disoreders, boost metabolism , helps in detoxification and good for oral care.
  • Gargles – use one fourth tsp. haldi powder and a pinch of salt in 1 glass of warm water and gargle with that once a day.( optional : one can even add jestimadh powder ¼ tsp. to this for extra benefit)
    If congestion is there then you can use dispirin water to gargle. To make dispirin water dissolve 2 tab. In half glass water and use this to gargle.
    Hope I have given you lots of information on ayush guidelines and more . Do follow that and live long ,healthy life.
    Stay safe, stay healthy and beautiful forever…………

Home remedies and ayurvedic treatment to stop hiccups naturally.


Hiccups are one of the most common thing which almost everyone has gone through in their life.The worst part of it is at times its very annoying n very rarely indicates some serious health issues which one should not neglect.My todays topic is all about basics of hiccups n how to treat it naturally using few breathing techniques and ayurvedic and modern medicines if required to be taken .the name of medicines are for knowledge purpose . I would still recommend you all to take doctors advise before taking any medicines

Hiccups is basically involutantary spasm of diaphragm muscles or increase of vata in your body.

Causes: it can be due to something as simple as eating or drinking fast or more in quantity, drinking lots of alcohol or carbonated beverages, sudden excitements n stress, change in temperatures ,over exertion, excessive dust or cold exposure etc are most common causes and if hiccups subsides within few minutes to hour max.then nothing to worry much but if it is continous for days and causing excessive exertion or weight loss then therre could be any underlying medical cause for it. It could be ulcer, gastrooesophageal reflux, tumour laryngitis kidney problem,liver problems,prostate problem, electrolyte imbalance,hysterical etc etc. for diagnosis kindly go to doctor as he may diagnose it properly.

But before going to any doctor try this few tips to get relief from hiccups naturally

  • breathe into a plastic bag held over nose and mouth.
  • hold your breath for as long as possible.
  • hold your breath ,pinch the nose and drink water.
  • Alternate drinking icecold water and hot water after every 2to 5 minutes works wonder and gives instant relief in maximum case.

primary line of medical aspect of hiccup treatment includes the following medicines

  • Ayurvedic medicines like soothshkhar rasa and shankh vati 2 tab. thrice a day works very good for hiccups.
  • Mayurpiccha mashi with shankhbhasma 250 mg. can also be taken thrice a day with honey
  • Amrutdhara 5 to 10 drops can be mixed with water and taken after every half an hour
  • If ones hiccups seems to be hysterical ( specially young ladies ) then tab. sarpagandha vati along with above medicines works good as it wil act as a tranquiliser.
  • pippalysasav 20ml tds mixed with 40 ml water can be taken thrice a day after food for recurrent hiccups as it helps in digesting the ama dosha n stop vata to get aggravated n leads to hiccups
  • panchkarma procedures like naadi swedan (hot fomenatation) dashmool kadha on neck ,chest and abdomen gives instant relief. in absence of naadi swedana one can also keep towel soaked in hot dashmmol kadha over neck chest and abdomen for hot fomentation.
  • nasyam with gudasunthi ( jaggery n dry ginger) works excellent
  • one can also take syrup mucaine gel 2 tsp. every 2 to 4 hourly till it stops.
  • If there is pain in stomach due to continous hiccups then one can take antispasmodics like cyclopam 1 tab.

Pathya ( Do's ) -

one must take enough rest and eat rice,wheat, barley,parwar grapes,chickensoup ,garlic,elaichi (green cardomom) & honey when suffering from hiccups.

DIY cheapest meal replacement weight loss drink


At last the secret of weight loss drink is revealed. Instead of paying heavy amount to readymade weight loss drinks, it can be easily made at home and at a much less expense. market is full of expensive weight loss or meal replacement drinks which pinches your pocket more then your fats. so what is the simplest n cheapest way of eating and yet loosing weight for super busy people who cant eat healthy food all the time? answer is this recipe of mine for meal replacement drink .so do read it completely and try to follow it any doubts are most welcome in comments section .so lets start with our todays topic.

It is a tasty drink which not only makes your stomach full but also provides you the basic essential nutrient and on top of that it is very very easy to make and does not pinch your pocket too .

This drink contains sufficient protein & the best thing about this is low calorie & fills your stomach full so you don’t feel hungry and you tend to eat less thus saving more calories which otherwise you make take by eating other food stuff.

During intake of this sherbet( drink) u may take lean source of proteins like egg white, fish, chicken paneer etc and lots of veggies and ow calorie nutritious snacks like roasted puffed rice (kurmura) , roasted makhana , roasted poha, soaked almonds ,raisins ,fruits etc in morning breakfast and also the same in evening snacks.

The lunch and dinner should comprise 2 glass of this drink and after few days u may start eating carbohydrates with low glycaemic index in moderate quantity in your diet.

The recipe for 2 glasses of this drink is as follows-

  • Gelatin – 4 gm
  • Sucralose/any sugar free i prefer stevia drops as its natural sweetner – as per taste
  • Flavor (vanilla/chocolate/any as per taste) – few drops if desired
  • Milk powder/ protein powder – 1.5 tablespoon

Take an utensil and put 2 cup of water in it and allow it to boil.den add gelatin to it around 4gms. and mix it continously . then add protein powder of your taste to it churn it regularly with a spoon and allow it to cool. It will look like a milk shake. To add more flavor or just for a variety you may also add some jelly crystals to it before cooling.

one can also use agar agar noodles or powder instead of gelatin for additional nutritional benefit. as it not only thickens ur shake but also a good source of natural protein n other elements which addition contribute for weight loss.

So, what are you waiting for……………………. Enjoy the delicious journey of weight loss with tasty home made easy to make drink at very low cost.

(DIY ) Make Anti cellulite oil at home and loose upto one month and get firm toned skin

MONDAY, 10 JULY 2017

Hello everone I am doctor rachana and today I am going to share a very simple ,yet effective formula of diy anticellulite oil at home which I use on my patients to get rid of cellulite , loose upto 10 cm in one month and get a firmer toned skin

Before going to its formula lets understand what is cellulite?

Cellulite is dimpled lumpy subcutaneous fat that appears just below the skin and can be easily pinched in between your fingers.

90% of women and 10% of men have cellulite irrespective of being overweight or fit.

What causes cellulite?

Faulty food habbits ,sedentary lifestyle and stress produces toxins and fat.

When this toxins are not flushed out of body due to poor circulation and lack of exercise they cause a chemical reaction which puts a hard coating around the normally soft fat cells which push through the layer of collagen or connective tissues under the skin giving it a lumpy and dimple look on your skin.

Most commonly it affects buttocks, thighs, abdomen and arms.

Scientifically we can get rid of cellulite by 2 ways-

  • by increasing blood circulation of that part
  • by using something of scraping nature to break up the hard rim of these fat cells and flush it out.
  • Our anticellulite massage works in both the ways
  • So lets start making our anti cellulite oil
  • For this we need
  • sesame or til oil
  • olive oil
  • lemon grass oil 10 drops
  • peppermint oil
  • juniper oil oil
  • capsicum oil
  • measuring cup or beaker
  • empty bottle

In measuring beaker take 50ml.til or sesame oil , 50ml olive oil and then add essential oils like lemongrass oil 10drops 10 drops peppermint oil,10drops juniper berry oil 10 drops capsicum oil.

Be cautious while handling capsicum oil as it may give burning sensation to your skin and eyes. Mix it properly using a spoon. you will see the change in colour .when it is properly mixed it turns into red colour oil. Then transfer it in bottle and cover it with the lid your anti cellulite oil is ready .If you are making it for commercial purpose for selling then you can even add red colour to it for making it more appealing to people for its fat burning properties.I normally dont add any additional colour.

your anticellulite oil is ready.

Use this oil and say bye bye to cellulite and also loose upto 10 inches and get a smoother firmer skin.

Now lets understand how to use this oil:

Before applying this oil rub your body with a shower brush or loofah or a thick towel and then using lot of oil massage it properly

Use it twice a day in morning before bath and at night before sleeping.

For best results

  • just don’t apply oil instead do technical fat loss massage which is a vigorous massage in an upward direction towards heart to improve blood flow , break the hardened fat cells and stop building of toxins in such a way that it leaves your skin tingling and rosy with oxygenated blood. You can also take help of some ayurvedic therapist to do it on you.
    If you want to know diy anti cellulite or fat loss massage step by step then do comment below I will definately share that in my next blog.
  • Anti cellulite oil massage should be followed by anticellulite or fat loss powder massage also known as udvartanam in Ayurveda I will share the formula of anti cellulite powder for powder massage in my next Blog
  • Do eat healthy,exercise or walk and also take my weight loss drink which I have mentioned in my previous Blog.

If u find this video useful then please comment below and also don’t forget to share Any further query do comment below.

See you again with my next blog till then bye and take care.

How to make aloe vera juice at home easily.

Hello everyone i am dr. rachana and today i am going to tell you how to make aloe vera juice at home easily in just 4 steps. you can use this aloe vera juice for internal use and also for external application on skin or hair.

Growing aloe vera plant at home is very easy ,but if you dont have this plant at your home then you can also buy aloe vera leaves which are easily available in nurseries or any shopping malls or also online.

you can yourself make aloe vera juice at home at much much lesser cost and also best quality without any harmful preservatives and additives in it .Only pure aloe vera juice with multiple healing and medicinal properties.

Aloe vera has multiple use for our health internally and externally. Do read my another blog" Medicinal use and side effects of aloe vera juice internally and externally "

Follow this simple 4 steps at home to get fresh aloe vera juice at home-

  • Cut the leaf from the base of the plant and let yellow latex seeps out and then rinse it properly to ensure that no yellow coloured transparent latex is present as that yellow latex may create many health hazards when taken internally.
  • Keep the leaf in fridger for sometime to harden which helps us to separate gel from leaf easily.
  • Cut both the thorny sides of leaf with sharp knife and then peel the upper greenlayer of the leaf to expose white colour gel and then slowly slide the knife under the gel to remove all the gel .
  • Dice the gel into small pieces and then grind it in the mixture. You will see a lot of froth in your jar ,dont worry let it settle for some time and then slowly remove the upper frothy layer to get a transparent aloe vera juice ready .

you can store this in fridge upto 1 week.this aloe vera juice can be used for both the purpose internally and externally.Also the froth which we have separated can be used for external use on your hair or skin.

so wasn't this method simple and fast it hardly takes any time but definately save a lot of money which you tend to spend on aloe vera juice and gels.Do try making this and dont forget to comment below.

Flavoured detox water to keep body alkaline & flush toxins ,excess water and loose upto 6inches in one month naturally


Hey every one I am dr. rachana and today I am going to share you the recipe of flavoured water which can be easily made at home and wil not only help you to flush out toxins, loose some inches but will also help you to keep your body’s ph alkaline which is very important criteria to be healthy. my blog’ how to maintain accurate bodys alkaline ph.and its benefits “ to know everything about bodys alkalinity and how it helps us to be healthy and keep disease like osteoporosis,cancer etc at bay.

So lets start to make this flavoured water for this you need-

  • half cucumber sliced into 4-5slices
  • half lemon sliced in 3 to 4 slices
  • 1inch ginger very thinly sliced or grated
  • 10 -12 leaves of pudina or mint leaves
  • 10-12 leaves of tulasi or holy basil leaves
  • Water 2 litre
  • water jar .

Wash all the 5 ingredients and then Cut cucumber and lemon in to thin slices and grate ginger and keep aside .Now in one jar take 1 litre of water and add all the above 5 ingredients in that and keep it aside for half an hour.

Your flavoured water is ready .

you can drink this water directly from the jar or pour it in the glass and enjoy it sip by sip.once ur almost 1 liter water is about to empty then you can refill 1litre of water in the same jar those 5 ingredients need not to be changed.make this water in morning and finish this 2 litre of water throughout the day.Dont keep this water overnight as anything when left overnight looses its nutrients and medicinal property. So make this water fresh early in the morning and finish it before going to bed.

Take this water for 6 days n then take a gap of 15 days to 21 days.It means one can take this water for 6 days at a stretch once or twice a month.

you will definately feel the difference in your inches and oedema and feel much fresher and lighter then before as this water will help to flush out all excess water and toxins out of your body by increasing your urine output.

It will also increase assimilation of nutrients in your body by creating an alkaline atmosphere in your body which will help you to fight many disorders.

There is a famous saying “iron cuts iron” so similarly excess water retention problem in body can be eliminated by drink.


  • Kidney failure patients should avoid taking this drink as more water intake is restricted for them.
  • Female during their menses should avoid taking this drink.

latest most scientific weight loss drink to loose upto 5kg.and 8inches i...


Hello everyone I am doctor Rachana and after long I am back writing blogs on health related topics so today I decided to share the latest most scientific ayurvedic weight loss drink to make you loose upto 5kg.or 8inches in one month.

This recipe is not mentioned anywhere as it is specially designed by me for my obese patients to loose weight and live healthy

Other then loosing weight ,this drink wil help you to get rid of

1. Digestive problems like Acidity,Constipation,Bloating,Indigestion etc

2. It wil give u relief from pain and swelling from your overall body

3. It decreases your cholesterol ,lowers intake of glucose,maintains water electrolyte balance thus helps in managing diabetes and blood pressure

This drink promotes weight loss by 4 ways

1.Detox your body by flushing out toxins and excess water by increasing urine output and cleansing your colons to make you feel lighter and better

2.It boost your metabolism thus helps you to burn more fat throughout the day

3.This drink keeps your stomach full hence decreases your food craving which minimizes false calorie intake

4.Makes your body more alkaline ideal for good health to fight and prevent many disease.

One of the ingredients of this drink is aloe vera juice.we can either purchase readymade aloe vera juice from market or to save money and get fresh original aloe vera juice.

see my another blog“simple and fast way to make aloe vera juice at home “

Now lets start the actual procedure for making our weight loss drink.

For this we need

  • ginger
  • lemon
  • mint or pudina leaves
  • tulasi or holybasil leaves
  • sabja seeds
  • aloe vera juice
  • isabgol husk
  • yava kshaar(its an ayurvedic medicine with many medicinal properties and is highly alkaline in nature as it is nothing but burnt ash of barley plant .chemically it is potassium carbonate).

Boil 1 glass of water in a vessel and add 1 teaspoon grated ginger,25 to 30 leaves of mint leaves, tulasi leaves to it and cover it with the lid once luke warm ,smash it properly and strain it and add half lemon juice to it . now use this water to soak 1 tsp sabja seeds and 1 table spoon isabgol husk for minimum half an hour in two separate glasses.

Once sabja seeds and isabgol husk both swells up and forms a gelatinous mixture with water mix them together and add 1 tablespoon aloe vera juice 1 pinch yavakshaar to it.

So here is your tasty weight loss drink ready to gear you up to loose weight and inches together.

Consume this drink twice a day once early in morning atleast half an hour before breakfast and at night half an hour before can skip your dinner or eat light dinner if you are not hungry after having this drink.

Pregnant ladies ,breast feeding mothers,and ladies during periods should avoid taking this drink

For best results – must consume atleast 2 to 3 litres of water and especially Flavoured detox water throughout the day off and on for maximum results

To get its recipe my another blog

“Flavoured detox water to keep body alkaline & flush toxins ,excess water and loose upto 6inches in one month naturally”

2.Exercise or simply walk for atleast half an hour for 3 to 5 days in a week

3.Follow a low fat ,low sugar, fibre rich, low calorie diet.

Follow all this instructions properly and you wil definately loose a lot of weight and inches and look more younger and healthier.

If you find this blog useful then please click like button and also share it with your friends and family.

In comments section do share your experience and if you have any query comment below and I will surely try to answer them.