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Cool coconut punch drink for summer

Hi. We all know as summer is on,  the water content of body tends to decrease so the first immediate response body does is by making you feel thirsty more often then other wise. Due to heat in the body most common problem arises is burning micturation burning sensation in stomach and many more. We all know that drinking coconut water is very good as it replenishes your lost fluid and electrolyte and cools your system. but how about making it more tasty and delicious and presentable by just doing minor changes in the procedure of drinking coconut water.

Beautifying the beauties

Beauty is not just skin deep but it also reflects your inner health. So be aware before using any things on your skin as you are precious . so  go natural with your skin as the effect is long lasting with no side effects . taking care of your beauty is not in trend from few decades rather this has been into regime since generations together  from the era of god- goddesses , maharaja – maharani etc.


Almonds are usually difficult to digest especially for  those who have mand agni ( Low digestive power ) as its digestibility is affected by an enzyme  inhibiting substance which is present in the brown coating or cover of badam.So peeling of that cover is important to strip off that enzyme inhibiting substance from badam to make it easily digested.The best and easiest way of peeling that cover is by soaking the badam overnight (for around 12 hours) and having it in the morning hours.The badam without brown cover can be easily digested .