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Free Bond Mineral Test

                        On 9th February. We are organising free BMD (BOND MINERAL DENSITY TEST) camp which is otherwise costing Rs 1200. So avail the benefit of this free BMD scan in my clinic.also on 18th February.  We are organising obesity camp where we are giving free full body fat analysis test done costing Rs 1000 for free. So do register yourself & get these two tests done. You will also get 25% off on all panchakarma and medispa packages during camp

Simple fat loss exercises:

To initiate someone to loose fats is the time when you have to motivate them to start exercising and eat a healthy meal along with following a healthy daily regime. Yes you are right start burning those excess calories and also taking limited nutritive calories helps a lot to loose those extra weight/fats in your body.so what are you waiting for let’s start working out at ground level

Weight loss easy to make drink

At last the secret of weight loss drink is revealed. Instead of paying heavy amount to readymade weight loss drinks, it can be easily made at home and at a much less expense. 

It is a tasty drink which not only makes your stomach full but also provides you the basic essential nutrient and on top of that it is very very easy to make.

Useful cooking tips:

Cooking is a science where small tips makes a lot of differences in routine life.Try using these tips to give a different touch to your cooking style and your cooked food.using these few tips will not only reduce your efforts but also save your time , money and will enhance your food quality.

So, what are you waiting for go ahead and show your science of cooking when you cook next time. 


Common Useful Tips:

Scientific Recipe of Healthy and tasty karela (bitter gourd)

Hi friends I know by just seeing the name of bitter gourd maximum of us refrain from eating that vegetable. Actually maximum of us consider karela or bitter gourd as a vegetable and oftenly in india it is cooked the way vegetables are cooked. But actually for surprise it is not a vegetable but actually a fruit. So it can be eaten raw as well but may be due to its bitter taste it is often cooked and processed to make it palatable. Many health conscious people even prefer drinking drinking freshly prepared bitter gourd juice.

Practical and easy pharmaceutical techniques / procedure for few most commonly used rasa medicines


Rasa medicines has been used for different therapeutic purposes since long in ayurveda but the only hitch lies in, is its cumbersome and difficult  time consuming methods of preparation. Drugs such as kukkutanda twaka bhasma, rasa manikya, kupipakva rasayana are few most commonly used medicines in routine practice.

The present study includes the altered practical methods of preparation of the above mentioned medicines keeping the basic principles of rasa aushadhies in mind.

How to reduce excess fat from your hip and stomach

We give you 10 very easy tips to reduce your excess fat in 7 days. We are sure that if you strictly follow these tips then you must be loose your stomach more then 5 inch in a weak
1. Take one-teaspoon fenugreek powder at bedtime with warm water. My physics teacher had a very fatty stomach. One day I meet him in a bank after a long time. I see his stomach fat is dissolve and they look very smart and young. I ask them where his stomach fat goes. Then they told me that they use fenugreek churna for reduce stomach fat. I try it 100 of people and find a good result.