Weight loss easy to make drink

At last the secret of weight loss drink is revealed. Instead of paying heavy amount to readymade weight loss drinks, it can be easily made at home and at a much less expense. 

It is a tasty drink which not only makes your stomach full but also provides you the basic essential nutrient and on top of that it is very very easy to make.

This drink contains sufficient protein & the best thing about this is low calorie & fills your stomach full so you don’t feel hungry and you tend to eat less thus saving more calories which otherwise you make take by eating other food stuff.

During intake of this sherbet( drink) u may take  lean source of proteins like egg white, fish, chicken paneer etc and  lots of veggies in morning breakfast and also the same at evening snacks.

The lunch and dinner should comprise 2 glass of this drink and after few days u may start eating carbohydrates with low glycaemic index in moderate quantity in your diet.

The recipe for 2 glasses of this drink is as follows-

Water- 2glasses

Gelatin – 4 gm

Sucralose/any sugar free – as per taste

Flavor (vanilla/chocolate/any as per taste) – few drops if desired

Milk powder/ protein powder – 1.5 tablespoon

Heat the ingredient and churn it regularly with a spoon and allow it to cool. It will look like a milk shake. To add more flavor or just for a variety you may also add some jelly crystals to it before cooling.

So, what are you waiting for……………………. Enjoy the delicious ride of weight loss with tasty home made easy to make drink at very low cost.