Useful cooking tips:

Cooking is a science where small tips makes a lot of differences in routine life.Try using these tips to give a different touch to your cooking style and your cooked food.using these few tips will not only reduce your efforts but also save your time , money and will enhance your food quality.

So, what are you waiting for go ahead and show your science of cooking when you cook next time. 


Common Useful Tips:

  1. While cooking rice adding few drops of lemon juice helps in keeping the rice firm and elongated.
  2. While cooking rice remove the scum to avoid spoiling the taste of rice.
  3. To get best results from saffron soak it in water or milk for few minutes before adding it to the recipes.
  4. Add a little sugar to the ghee/ butter in which spices are browned to get the rich  brown coloured gravy.
  5. For easier extraction of lime juice soak it in water for an hour before using it.
  6. To avoid ripening of karela( bitter gourd) slit it with a knife before keeping it in fridge.
  7. To prevent discolouration of  coriander or pudina chutney add lemon juice and salt to it.
  8. To prevent discolouration of cauliflower, potato, raw bananas keep them immersed in water containing salt.
  9. To reduce saltiness of food add malai or lemon juice to  it.
  10. Add hot water to your gravies especially when it contains no thickening agent.
  11. While making thickening agents Add cold water to thickening agent like corn flour etc. to avoid lump formation.
  12. Using whole spices wherever possible especially in food which requires long hours of cooking
  13. To soften meat preparation add little raw papaya or its juce to it while preparing tandoori chicken or add elaichi and oil to it while marinading it.
  14. For making soft rotis or bhakris or theplas instead of adding oil you add little dahi(curd) while kneading the dough and keep it for around half an hour and your roti /bhakri /thepla etc. will become soft andalso use hot water to knead the dough which add to it softness.
  15. To keep noodles separate from each other while preparing hakka noodles or any type of noodles just add oil while boiling that noodle or even oil can be added immediately after draining water from boiled noodles.
  16. For making fermented items like idli , dosa . dhokla instead of conventional cooking soda use fruit salt for a fluffier idlis and all and it won’t spoil the taste even it goes little excess in your food as happens with normal cooking soda.