Traditional medicinal use of pippali (Piper Longum)

Along with black pepper,dry ginger ,pippali is a part of famous digestive formula known as “trikatu” which means 3 spices.

Pippali is renowned for its benefits for lungs but it is valuable in many capacities is mainly used in 4 ways—

  1. as a culinary spice of rare distinction
  2. as a home remedy
  3. as a powerful medicinal herb
  4. as a catalyst to potentiate the action of other herbs and drugs

Constituent : mainly contains piperine and piptaline.

Parts used : fruits, roots

Shodhana (purification) : cook pippali in chitraka decoction and then make it dry before using it to enhance effects and curb harmful effects.

Hereby, giving a gist of day to day routine ailments which can be treated with pippali.

  1. Asthma:
    1. immature buds of fudhar(calotropis gigantean),piper longum,common salt(2:1:1) grind it to paste and small globules (size of pea) to be prepared.

Daily one globule = normal day

2-3 globule = during attack

  1. bawchi + haldi +daruhaldi+pippli+marich+chitraka+kantakari+black salt in equal quantity
  2. black resins + dates + pippali + honey in equal quantity .take 1 tsp. in morning and evening
  3. 1/4 tsp.of pippali + honey –three times a day
  4. 1/2 gm. Pippali + 1 gm sunth with honey
  5. for asthma during pregnancy – small amount of pippali with ghee.
  1. Cough:
    1. in severe bronchitis / cough give pinch of pippali in aloe vera gel. This will immediately relieve bronchospasm.
    2. Dry cough – roasted 1-2 pippali powder with 1 tsp. ghee and pinch of saindhava salt lick it and then drink hot water.
    3. Chronic old cough – use pippali instead of tobacco in hookahs twice a day.
    4. Productive cough 2 gm. Pippali + sunth with honey .4-5 times a day.
    5. Cough and cold- pippali decoction with helps as expectorant and removes phlegm from chest.
    6. Common cold with fever- decoction of trikatu,mulethi in equal quantity,7-8 leaves of tulsi for 2-3 times a day.
  2. Obesity:
    1. Pinch of pippali + 1 tsp of honey in morning followed by hot water for enhanced thyroid function and fat burning .
    2. Pinch of pippali in aloe vera gel before meals help with intolerance to fats
  3. Piles: pippali-yoghurt drink( 2 tbsp. of dahi+ 1 cup of water with pinch of pippali blended together) drink this after lunch and dinner daily.
  4. Epileptic ‘fits’:
    1. Pippali powder to be snuffed
    2. Paste of pippali in water to be applied as kajal in eyes.
  5. Toothache: paste of  pippali powder with ghee and honey to be applied over tooth.
  6. post-partum haemmorhage: to avoid excess bleeding after delivery pippali powder+ ghee to be licked.
  7. hiccups: powder of pippali and kantakari with honey and amla juice to be taken
  8. Saam amlapitta( acidity) :
    1. 1/4tsp. pippali powder + ½ tsp. rock candy + ½ cup milk.
    2. pippali siddha ghruta
  9. hoarseness of voice : pinch of pippali+ 1 tsp rock candy.
  10. headache : 1 tsp. of trikatu with honey
  11. chronic patients of stool with mucus and spasmodic pain during daefecation 1 gm. Of pippali + 1 gm. Pepper with butter milk to be taken.
  12. carminative : ¼ tsp. pippali + pinch of hing + 1 tsp. of ghee after meals
  13. Makal shool ( pain after delivery ) : decoction of pippali fruits ,roots, jaggery.
  14. chronic fatigue : ¼ tsp. of pippali powder with ghee and honey.
  15. 16.emaciated cox. Patients: pippali siddha chicken or crab soup. It improves metabolism of mansa dhatu and leads to mansa pushti.
  16. pippali powder with warm water helps in deworming and thus decreases abdominal pain.
  17. Anaemia : along with haematinics ,pippali powder with amla powder to be given.
  18. Pippali is considered to be superior for liver and spleen disorder.
  19. 1 tsp. pippali siddha ghrut twice a day to be used  for healing lungs that have been damaged by smoking.
  20. in Rheumatoid arthritis  pippali powder with guggulu to be used.
  21. Local application of pippali:
  22. i.sciatica : oil siddha with sunth and pippali.
  23. put  sexual partner in once power coat your penis with oint. Made of white thorn apple,black pepper, pippali with honey.
  24. iii. for pain and inflammation over joints lepa of pippali mixed in warm water to be applied.

Pippali as a catalyst to potentiate action of other drugs.

According to latest researches it has been concluded that pippali has augmented effect on few modern medicines.

  1. Pippali with ciprofloxacin to be is a phyto chemical potentiator of ciprofloxacin.
  2. In tuberculosis patient , pippali is given along with rifampicin to increase effect of drug and avoid adverse effect of akt.


Pippali should  never be given with

  1. Anti coagulants 
  2. beta blocker –propanalol

because it increases effect of these drugs which causes dangerous consequences.

Side Effect:

Usage of pippali in some may lead to burning sensation of both hands, foot or burning eye syndrome in some patients.

Long use of it is harmful for heart and also causes headache.

Charak has also mentioned to avoid inappropriate use of pippali.