Simple fat loss exercises:

To initiate someone to loose fats is the time when you have to motivate them to start exercising and eat a healthy meal along with following a healthy daily regime. Yes you are right start burning those excess calories and also taking limited nutritive calories helps a lot to loose those extra weight/fats in your what are you waiting for let’s start working out at ground level. As we have all experienced that once we decide to start exercising we do it for few days and then take a break and agai n goes back to our routine schedule of not working out and gaining those extra fats in our body. Have you ever realized why that happens. Its very simple as we don’t accept a realistic goal or exercise routine to suit our body needs so within few days we tend to get exerted and then drop those exercises. So let’s get ready to start following a simple exercise to loose fats. I as a Dr. and also personal fitness trainer always advice to start your weight loss journey with low intensity aerobic activities and once you realize that your body is getting accustomed ot it you can definitely increase your intensity and always for weight loss you should follow progressive overload principle means keep on slowly gradually increase your activities intensity or if you are using weights then gradually increase your weight. Here is a list of the common exercise routine which you can follow to start your weight loss journey.



As mentioned above always begin your activity with low intensity workout so the best exercise to boost your metabolism is start walking  .this  increased amount of  low intensity walking  will actually start utilizing your body fat to be used a s a fuel for that extra time you are walking. One can start walking regime from 10 min, daily and then increasing it gradually to as much as one can’t get the desired ideal of 10000 steps daily walk is considered to keep one self-healthy. So don’t start your routine with these high target of 10000 steps but try and increase 100 steps daily or in a gap of couple of days to achieve that target of 10000 in certain period of time and once you have achieved that continue that to maintain your loosed weight and also to avoid regain of weight. Also being heavy weight normal walk but increased number of steps enables you to do this activity easily and thus motivates you to further continue with later or higher exercise routine  so that you can easily loose fats without adversely affecting your body.


Mild jogging like walking is also an aerobic activity but shall only be started when one is quite comfortable with walking on a routine level. One who has some kind of acute or severe knee joint or hip joint problem should really avoid jogging as it leads to impact on those joints leading to further strain on those joints and creating trouble for one self. Rest of the overweight person can always start jogging from spot jogging for little time and then progressively increasing its time and also intensity and from static to dynamic jogging means run while jogging in later stages .


It is also a very interesting ,simple yet very effective to lose those extra inches around your should always first try and master modified form of inch warmer before actually going for proper inch warmer exercise which is more exerting .

Procedure- sit on your knees with palms facing downwards on the knees and relax (vajrasana) and then start crawling in forward direction  by moving your hand step by step till maximum distance you can go and then again start crawling reversely by taking small steps with your hand to your original position. This is one at least start with 5 repetition and then as your stamina improves you can increase the repetition till 15-20 and also can do 3 sets maximum as once you feel comfortable too do this many reps. And steps of modified inch warmer then you should try with inch warmer exercise.


Stand straight with your one foot distance and relax then bend downwards from your band with outstretched hand and touch the white side of the palm on the ground and start crawling in forward direction with the help of that palm to the maximum distance you can go and then again start crawling reversely by taking small steps with your hand to your bended position and then come back to your original  standing position. Start with 5 repetition and then as your stamina improves you can increase the repetition till 10-15 and also can do 3 sets maximum.

Precaution –person with severe back pain should avoid doing this exercise or shall be doing under some guidance or till the extent they feel comfortable to do this exercise or should just stick to modified inch warmer exercise.


It is one of the simplest exercise which has triple advantage. It not only improves your stability but also strengthens your core muscles which has an additional advantage in maintaining ones strength and also aids in preventing prey to many also leads to fat loss particularly abdominal fat loss .

Procedure – first lie down comfortably on your abdomen and then  close your wrist and keep it erect on the ground  and support your upper body on the semi flexed forearm and then lift your lower body on your toes and be in this position for as much time as you can remain steady. This is known as plank as the person’s body look like a plank if you see from side. Hence the name. Once you master this basic plank then you can try many other alternate planks which give you additional stability, agility, strength and fat loss results which we will discuss in advanced weight loss regime.

6. Jumping jacks:

This is also an impacting exercise and should only be done if you don’t have any severe knee joint this exercise a person need to jump like a jack hence the name jumping jack. But as this exercise involves lots of energy so a good amount of fat loss is achieved.

Procedure : Stand straight with both the feet  apart 2-3 stance( foot  distance)and then keep your hand on the lateral sides of your thighs and then jump up and down while jumping up every time take your hands up and feet apart and while coming down bring your leg and hands close to the body. Continue this jumping up and down for atleast 5 this increases your heart rate very fast so always try from low number and gradually increase it. Later it can be made 15-20 reps. And maximum of 3 sets can be easily performed once your stamina improves .

7. Sit on the wall: It is also a very simple yet effective exercise in which isometric contraction of your leg muscles takes place and it also improves your strength for walking and jogging.