Beautiful Skin – By Dr.Rachana

                Beauty is not just skin deep but it also reflects your inner health. So be aware before using any things on your skin as you are precious. So go natural with your skin as the effect is long lasting with no side effects. Taking care of your beauty is not in trend from few decades rather this has been into regime since generations together  from the era of god- goddesses , maharaja – maharani etc. even they were always conscious about their looks as beauty not only resembles your physical status but also reflects your personality , mind and also your physical , mental , spiritual  health status.

            For enhancing beauty cosmetics are often used. The word cosmetic comes from greek word kosmos, which means “order” or “harmony”. Thus your make up should b ideally most harmonizing natural ingredient.

Basic technique to keep skin healthyà

Facial = cleansing à steaming à exfoliation à massaging à mask application à toning.

  1. Cleansing – Soap or similar products are alkaline in nature so they can clean and penetrate skin better. This action is harsh on skin as it strips away the natural protective acid layer making it vulnerable to bacteria and thus indirectly encourages the production of rough callous cells in self defense .Healthy skin produces lactic acid and thus regains its acid layer.

Before cleansing removing make up and washing your face is must.

  1. Steaming – It is an excellent way to moisturize the skin and increase circulation. It will help clean the skin and leave your face looking youthful and vibrant. It helps in softening sebum and unclogs pores thus, it helps more in acne prone skin but extremely dry skin may get irritated by heat. Steam can carry volatile oil directly to the face so desires aroma essential oil can be added to steam for additional benefits of skin. It should not exceed more than 5-10 minutes.


  1. Scrubbing or exfoliation – If done properly, it helps in easing wrinkles by removing the piled up layer of dead cell from the lines. It makes skin youthful by stimulating cell growth in the lower layer.


Exfoliants like oatmeal, cornmeal works by abrasion over skin. Whereas papaya, pineapple, ginger etc. have an enzymatic action on the skin.

Newest modern cosmetics products including cleansers , toners, moisturizers masks etc. contains an important ingredients AHAs- alpha hydroxy-acids it exfoliates by loosening the tight bond that holds surface skin together. Fine lines becomes smoother, skin texture becomes softer, spotty skin pigmentation becomes more even and also they are anti- bacterial so acne problems improve. It not only moisturizes skin but also restores acid mantle of the skin. Actually the use of AHA is really not a new idea. The same were used by the females since centuries. Nature offers this variety of acids in natural foods such as wine (tartaric acid), oranges (citric acid), apples (malic acid), vinegar (acetic acid) dahi (lactic acid) etc.


  1. Masks or face packs – Masks can moisturize, absorb excess oil and even can remineralize or provide nutrients to skin. Many simple masks can be made at home. Clay is one of the most commonly used base ingredients for masks but owing to its absorptive property it tends to make skin dry. So for dry skin to reduce its dryness either it should not be used or should be used along with ingredients high in moisture contents such as honey, cream. For healing properties essential oil can be added to masks. Fresh fruit which contains skin softening enzymes can also be used with or without milk powder.


            Masks should always be applied from downwards to upwards and it should never be applied be applied in sensitive areas such as around eyes and near or over lips. It should be kept for 5 to 20 minutes or as long as masks remains comfortable which depends on the ingredients of the masks. Before masks get completely dried and starts irritating it should be removed otherwise it leads to chhaya (dull skin) instead of prabha (glow). Once pack is applied person should not speak as it leads to wrinkling and prefer to relax once masks is applied till it partly dries off for that extra glow on your skin.

Some basic does and don’ts for a great skin-

Dont’s –

  1. Never scrub your face harshly with towel or any sponge etc, instead dab it over your skin.
  2. Never over do scrubbing using any scrubbers as it may cause redness and also eliminates excess oil from your skin along with that it also debrides your upper layer of skin which is a protective layer.
  3.  For oily skin never use thick base cream for face.
  4. Avoid make up especially in after noon or try to do as little as possible.
  5. Never apply any new product over your face directly rather do a sensitivity test prior by applying a little amount over your under arms.
  6. Try not to go under sun without sunscreen and it should be applied around half an hour prior and for oily and problematic skin selecting a proper sun screen is must and should be applied with doctor’s advice or otherwise the problem may worsen due to it.
  7. Don’t hog only over non-vegetarian foods once that is taken see to that it is supplemented with lots of salad and water to avoid constipation which is the main cause of many disorders.
  8. Avoid direct noon’s sun exposure and cigarette smoking.


Does –

  1. Take enough orange and yellow colored fruits and vegetables i.e. vitamin c that helps in collagen production underneath skin thus imparting natural glow and tone in your skin.
  2. Drink plenty of water as skin is 50-75% water thus it moisturizes the skin and keep it soft and supple.
  3. Normal skin pH is slightly acidic i.e. around 5–5.5. So before using any skin products check its ph so that it maintains acid-alkaline balance. Thus choose skin products that are in same ph range as skin.
  4. Eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly to improve blood circulation.
  5. Physical exercise works wonder for skin as it leads to sweating .sweat contains lactic acid which moisturizes skin.


Some basic home remedies:

1. Squeeze one lemon in half a glass of milk and allow it to stand for 5 minutes and then use this mixture to clean your face. This mixture works wonder as it contains both essential acid lactic and citric acid in it which not only cleanses your skin but also moisturize it along with lightening of spots.

2. For cleansing simple grounded oat meal mixed with milk works very good as it acts as cleanser and scrubber both.

3. Face packs

a) For oily skin: fullers earth (multani mitti) (2 parts) + rose powder (1 part) + chandan (1 part) + neem powder (1 part) + sariva powder (1 part) with rose water.

b) For dry skin – grounded oats (2 parts) + soaked and powdered badam (2 parts) + milk cream or dahi ( as per requirement ) .

c) For normal skin – tomato juice with little multani mitti.

d)  Beaten egg whites makes a good astringent mask.

4) Sun burn remedy à a. Lavender oil in a 2 percent dilution of aloevera gel kept in fridge provides coolness and soothing relief from sunburn. Apply this twice a day.

b. olive oil , coconut oil along with aloevara blocks out around 20% sun burning rays.

Toner for delicate skin:

1 cup aloevera juice + 1 cup rose water + 1 cup of glycerine + 10 drops of rose essential oil.

Aromatic body powder :

Most talcum powder available in market contains either talc or asbestos. Talc is a possible carcinogen and asbestos is a proven carcinogen. Thus to avoid this carcinogenic substances being used such powders can be prepared at home

¼th cup arrowroot + ¼th cup corn starch + 2 table spoon fine white clay + 1 tea spoon myrrh powder (lobaan powder) + 3 drops each lavender, chamomile, neroli essential oil. Mix it thoroughly and allow it to stand for 4 days then sieve it and use it.

Facts about skin and hair:

  1. Plucking a grey hair does not leads to many grey hair as one plant has only one roots
  2. Once hair starts splitting the only treatment which works is trimming it off. So, if possible at least once in 2 months hair should be trimmed off.
  3. Shaving instead of waxing does not lead to rough and thick hair but they seem to look coarse due to its blunt ends.
  4. Acne prone skin people should not wash their face very often and vigorously as it only worsens the condition. Rather 5 – 6 times gently washing face is more than enough.
  5. Losing weight does not reduce cellulite considerably. For that anti cellulite oil massage and powder massage works wonder.