About Us

          Welcome to the journey of Ayurveda with Ayurvedwale. Ayurvedwale is an outcome of extensive field work, deep knowledge of Ayurveda and creating awareness among the masses about Ayurveda & making them those Ayurvedic services available worldwide.

          Ayurvedwale is one of the largest portals in Ayurvedic field. Ours is one of the rarest website portal where we are not promoting any particular brand/company/doctors name but in whole almost all the aspects of Ayurveda & the dedicated persons in Ayurvedic field.

          Our website portal www.ayurvedwale.com provides you Directory  of various specialized Ayurvedic doctors in your local area with their detail profile. Even E-consultation / Actual consulting with them is available at discounted rate through Ayurvedwale .

        Age old traditional system of medicine - Ayurveda is spiced up with the rejuvenating packages to destress you from the hectic schedule and enhance your health, beauty and life through our various discounted deals offered by our team of Ayurvedic doctors in the deal of the month section. So ,take maximum benefit of it & enjoy an exorbitant essence of Ayurveda. Also a varied range of Ayurvedic products can be purchased through our shopping cart facility.

             It also includes various nutrition and cooking tips and recipes , yoga , health and beauty linked blogs written by our expert team of Ayurvedic doctors.

             Few mind churning quiz/ games/ contests etc. to trigger off your brains from time to time  is also included in Ayurvedwale which gives you chance to win lots of prizes and also their name will be displayed on our websites. Thus, get recognized by the world through us.

             For ayurvedic students a whole separate section is there  which will not only help them in their academic life but also provide them a world-wide platform to share ,ask their queries and get answered by various experts etc. Along with  this various time to time multi faceted activities organized by us helps to keep them more active .

              Ayurvedwale also aims to arrange free medical camps at many local areas and also provides medicine of known company at  discounted rate in our camps.

             So, join the journey of Ayurveda by being a part of Ayurvedwale as a patient, doctors, pharmaceutical company, distributors etc. to avail maximum benefits ofAyurveda and also to provide respect to our traditional system of medicine Ayurveda.

      Thanks for reading this and keep login on www.ayurvedwale.com as many more activities are on our way to come. So, enjoy this journey of Ayurveda and get blissed with health naturally……….